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Jusso Whistler

One day i was playing at a friends house when he asked his dad :"Daddy can we watch the video " the man with the blue violin".I didn't know what to expect,but when the tape started i was in another world....... The man with the violin was Jerry Goodman,the band was Mahavisnu Orchestra and the drummer offcourse was Billy Cobham.I didn't understand it, all i knew was i had to play the drums! And guess what my friend's dad was a famous dutch jazz-drummer by the name of Pierre Courbois and he (i still can't believe it) let me fool around and destroy his drumsets till a got my first real drumset bought by my grandfather. My initial plan was to start a band,get signed and get famous but somewhere down the line things didn't come out the way i thought! Nowadays i play in al lot of different bands,i teach,do studiosessions,workshops and tour whenever i can. I love to record so if you have nice songs and in need of a good drumtrack.....get in touch with me!!!!!!