The Classic Rock show takes you in a visual spectacle back in time.
A tribute to all the big names from the 70s to the present.
The stage is a large screen where you will be returned in time.
Not only the best songs from the top 1000 all time,
but also visually we take you back to the days when
Super Bands and Great Songs have flourished.
Where were you at that historic moment,
and do you remember that specially song from that time..?
Do you remember the "plateau-shoes", or the famous Radio Veronica spots..?
What happened and where were you when you heard
your first Queen or Pink Floyd song..?
Where were you when "the Wall" got down..
The "Legends Never Die" tour is
a visual spectacle in which you can imagine yourself back in time again.
All this played by a virtuoso band together with string-ensemble.
Not simply covers but all own arrangements and interpretations.
"Stairway to Heaven" on only acoustic guitar with strings...
Mozart and Paganini on electric guitar with full band...
Queen arranged with string ensemble...

Do not miss this ..


 Tour 13/14

Date Start Location Town Phone Website
zo 18-08-2013 21.00 Open Air  Klarenbeek KLARENBEEK
vr 13-09-2013 20.00 TanzBrunnen Theater KOLN (GERMANY) www.koelnticket.de
vr 20-09-2013 20:15 Theater 't Speelhuis HELMOND 0492-587000 www.theaterspeelhuis.nl
do03-10-2013 20:15 Theater Harderwijk   HARDERWIJK   www.theaterharderwijk.nl
vr 04-10-2013 20:15 Schouwburg Almere ALMERE 036-8455555 www.schouwburgalmere.nl
za 12-10-2013 20:15 Kennemer Theater BEVERWIJK 0251-221453 www.kennemertheater.nl
za 16-11-2013 20:15 MFC t Centrum OOLTGENSPLAAT   www.eventsooltgensplaat.nl
za 30-11-2013 20:30 Schouwburg het Park HOORN 0900-4387275 www.hetpark.nl
vr 06-12-2013 20:15 Theater De Leest WAALWIJK 0416-331751 www.deleest.nl
vr 27-12-2013 21.00 Zaal Dijk LEMELE www.zaaldijk.nl
za 28-12-2013 20:15 Cool kunst en cultuur HEERHUGOWAARD 072-5347662 www.coolkunstencultuur.nl
za 11-01-2014 20:15 Achterolmen CC MAASEIK(B) 0032-89569956 www.achterolmen.be
vr 17-01-2014 20:15 Theater De Vest ALKMAAR 072-5489999 www.theaterdevest.nl
za 18-01-2014 20:00 Schouwburg De Kring ROOSENDAAL 0165-555555 www.dekringroosendaal.nl
za 25-01-2014 20:00 Deventer Schouwburg DEVENTER 0570-683500 www.deventerschouwburg.nl
vr 31-01-2014 20:15 Munttheater WEERT 0495-513575 www.munttheater.nl
vr 07-02-2014 20:15 Nieuwe Nobelaer ETTENLEUR 076-5045200 www.nieuwenobelaer.nl
vr 14-02-2014 20:15 De Rijswijkse Schouwburg RIJSWIJK 070-3360336 www.rijswijkseschouwburg.nl
vr 21-02-2014 20:15 Spant! BUSSUM 035-6913949 www.spant.org
za 22-02-2014 20:00 Stadsschouwburg Nijmegen NIJMEGEN 024-3221100 www.keizerkarelpodia.nl
vr 07-03-2014 20:00 Parkgebouw Rijssen RIJSSEN 0548-544975 www.parkgebouw.nl
za 08-03-2014 20:15 Zaantheater ZAANDAM 0900-3344553 www.zaantheater.nl
vr 14-03-2014 20:00 Schouwburg Amphion DOETINCHEM 0314-376000 www.amphion.nl
za 22-03-2014 20:00 Schouwburg Agnietenhof TIEL 0344-673500 www.agnietenhof.nl
zo 23-03-2014 20:15 CC Leopoldsburg LEOPOLDSBURG(B) 0032-11346548 www.ccleopoldsburg.be
za 26-04-2014 20:00 Theater Tramwerkplaats WINSCHOTEN via website www.tramwerkplaats.com
za 10-05-2014 20:15 WestlandTheater De Naald NAALDWIJK 0174-636900 www.westlandtheater.nl
za 17-05-2014 20:30 Theater Heerlen HEERLEN 045-5716607 www.parkstadlimburgtheaters.nl
za 24-05-2014 20:15 Theater De Spiegel ZWOLLE 038-4288288 www.odeondespiegel.nl
Theater Lievekamp Oss 2013
Theater Parktheater Eindhoven 2013
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